The wide publicity is given by way of distribution of prospectus, institute’s own website, advertisement in leading newspaper and through mouth publicity. The T.V. channel supported by special cable has been proved effective media for publicity. It is necessary to state that there are two types of courses being conducted at this institute. Three courses namely M.B.A., M.P.M. and M.C.M. are approved and governed by AICTE, Government of Maharashtra and University of Pune, whereas the two courses viz. PGDBM and MBS are not governed by AICTE. These two courses are however governed by Government of Maharashtra and University of Pune.

The admissions of M.B.A. and M.C.M and M.P.M. centralized, controlled, monitored and publicized by State Government Authority are given wide publicity by the State Government itself. At institute level publicity for these courses is not permitted since the various parameters for admissions are decided by the State Government. It is only in respect of courses such as P.G.D.B.M. and M.B.S. where the wide publicity at institute level is given.

As mentioned above the publicity is given through prospectus, institutional website, newspaper advertisement and through internal source e.g. mouth publicity by institute’s own students. The experience is that for all the courses overwhelming response is given by students for admissions.

The Admission Policy for Courses Approved and Governed by AICTE, New Delhi

The students appearing for CET conducted by Central / State Government and securing minimum 30 marks out of written test of 200 marks and GDPI of 40 marks will qualify.

The students appearing for CET conducted by MBA Association will also qualify themselves by securing minimum 30 marks out of 240. The merit list of students will be declared by D.T.E. for each Institute according to their cut off score of last year. As such these admissions will be purely on merit basis. The reversed category students will be recommended by DTE on the basis ratio prescribed for each caste and tribe by Government of India. It is the policy of Government not to charge fees any fees from SC and ST categories while giving admissions whereas only half of the tuition fees will be charged from students belonging to OBC category. In case of these students, state Government social welfare Department will reimburse fees as per procedure. This being the national policy, no deviation will be made in any circumstances while giving admission to AICTE courses such as MBA being conducted at P. E. Society’s Institute of Management and Career Development, Nigdi, Pune. All other conditions as are applicable to other students will made applicable to these students also.

Reservation Rules for Backward class Candidates:

The percentage of seats reserved for candidates of backward class categories belonging to Maharashtra State are as per the details shown in table below.

Sr.No. Type of Reservation Percentage of Reservation
1. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Castes Converts to Buddhism (SC) 13%
2. Scheduled Tribes including those living outside specified areas (ST) 7.0%
3. Vimukta Jati & Denotified Tribes (VJ/DT) i.e. NT(A) 3.0%
4. Nomadic Tribes– 1 ( NT-B) 2.5%
5. Nomadic Tribes– 2 ( NT-C) 3.5%
6. Nomadic Tribes– 3 (NT-D) 2%
7. Other Backward Classes ( OBC ) 19%
Total 50%

  All the candidates claiming the reservation for backward classes should submit “Caste certificate” in the name of the candidate issued by the Executive Magistrate/Metropolitan Magistrate in Maharashtra State clearly mentioning the Category of the candidate and also the remark that the caste is recognized as backward class category belonging to the State of Maharashtra at the time of submission of CAP application form for the Admission to MCA course.

  The candidates belonging to SC, VJ/DT (NT(A)), NT(B), NT(C), NT(D), OBC and SBC categories should produce “Caste Validity Certificate” issued by Scrutiny Committee of Social Welfare Department and the Candidate belonging to ST category should submit “Tribe Validity Certificate” issued by Scrutiny Committee of Tribal Department at the time of submission of CAP application form for the Admission. The policy of Social Justice & Special Assistance Department and Tribal Development Department of state Government will be made applicable in case of Caste/ Tribe Validity Certificate.

  The candidates belonging to VJ/DT (NT(A)), NT(B), NT(C), NT(D), OBC and SBC categories should produce “Non Creamy layer Certificate” issued by Sub Divisional Officer / Deputy Collector of the district in addition to the caste certificate at the time of submission of CAP application form for the Admission. If these candidates are not able to produce the Non Creamy layer certificate at the time of submission of CAP application form for the Admission, then such candidates will be treated as GENERAL category candidates and such candidates will not be able to claim on reserved seats in the admission process.

  Seats under reserved category in MS seats are to be offered to the Backward Class candidates belonging to the Maharashtra state only and no OMS candidate belonging to Backward Class will be admitted against these seats. If the Candidate is migrated from other state and got the migrated caste certificate then such candidates will not be considered for the benefit of the reservation, such candidate will be considered as General Candidate.

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